Business Fixed

Business Fixed Price Plan Special Conditions

  1. This business Fixed price plan is for business Dual Strike (electricity and gas) or electricity only Hanergy customers.
  2. This Fixed price plan special terms should be read along with our General terms and conditions. If there are any inconsistencies between the two, this business fixed plan special terms will prevail.
  3. This Fixed price plan will apply from your new plan start date.
  4. Once business Fixed price plan term ends, your plan will automatically change to business Freedom plan, or other plan offered by Hanergy and accepted by you.
  5. Business Fixed price plan benefits:
    1. Hanergy’s additional Prompt Payment Discount (“PPD”) is for electricity only and Dual Fuel (electricity and gas) customers on this price plan. You must pay your bill on-time and in full to receive your PPD on that bill.  Any bills not paid on-time and in full will not receive PPD.
    2. Email discount, you need to be signed up to receive your bill and correspondence by email.
    3. Dual Strike customer and qualify for the associated discount, you need to purchase electricity from us plus Hanergy natural gas at the same premises on the same bill.
  6. The Fixed price plan does not include GST, Electricity Authority levy and any of the Hanergy Service Fees (as available on our website). Any subsequent change to the NZ Government GST rate, and Hanergy Service Fees within the period of this agreement will apply. Please note that while the rates for other individual components of your total price may change, your total prices will remain the same in line with this plan.
  7. If you switching to another energy supplier before the end of this Fixed price plan (including any renewal contract terms), an early termination fee $300 (plus GST, if any) per installation control point (ICP) will apply.
  8. This offer or pricing plan cannot be combined (in whole or in part) with any other Hanergy offer or pricing plan.
  9. All other Hanergy Terms & Conditions apply. Please refer to our website for full details.