Piped Gas Terms and Conditions

1.0         You remain responsible for ensuring that any Meter or other Equipment not provided by us or Our Representatives meets the relevant legal requirements, including the Code, and other applicable Industry Codes and Standards.  The obligations are set by the Gas Industry Company Ltd (GIC), and can be found at gasindustry.co.nz.

2.0         If we supply you with gas, you must comply with the requirements set out at energysafety.govt.nz and any updated gas safety material provided to you.

3.0         We are unable to provide you with gas or other associated services until you provide us with any required certificate of compliance issued or approved by the gas fitter that certifies that:

  • the wiring to your Connection Point complies with all Industry Codes and Standards and Regulations (including Line Function Services safety and technical requirements provided under the Industry Codes and Standards, available at http://www.energysafety.govt.nz/);
  • your gas installation, fittings and appliances comply with all legal requirements and Industry Codes and Standards; and
  • any Meter not provided by us or Our Representatives meets the requirements of the Code and other applicable Industry Codes and Standards.

Your failure to comply with any of your obligations under this clause will constitute a material breach of this Agreement.

4.0         You are responsible for repairing and maintaining all Equipment on the Property that is not owned or provided by us or Our Representatives including your meter box or meter board and any fuse board or other wirings on the Property. You are responsible for (including for maintenance of) any gas pipes running from the Connection Point to any other point on the Property.

5.0         You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any fault in your gas supply, including any fault with the equipment or any suspected gas leak, by phoning the Hanergy Faults number listed on your invoice, on our website (www.hanergy.nz) or in the telephone directory.  The Hanergy Faults number is available 24 hours.

6.0         In addition to the circumstances set out elsewhere in this Agreement, your gas supply (or the supply to controlled appliances such as cooking hob) may be interrupted or reduced, or any Meter temporarily disconnected:

(a)     for maintenance or testing of, or for repairs or alterations to, Equipment or gas distribution network;

(b)     for emergency or load management reasons (in which case interruption may occur without prior notice);

(c)     in accordance with your Pricing Plan;

(d)     for health and safety reasons, or to avoid danger to persons or damage to property;

(e)     to upgrade or protect your or another person’s Energy supply, or to connect another person to a gas distribution network;

(f)      by, or on the instructions of, the Network Operator or other operator or owner of a gas distribution or transmission network;

(g)     on the instructions of regulatory authority; or

(h)     for reasons beyond our reasonable control or the reasonable control of the Network Operator; or

If we or the Network Operator plan an interruption pursuant to clause above which will affect your supply of gas, we, or the relevant Network Operator will give you at least 4 Business Days’ notice of the interruption unless you have otherwise agreed. Where your supply is interrupted for any other reason, we, the Network Operator (as relevant) will give you as much notice as is reasonably practicable of the time and expected the duration of the interruption. Notices under this clause may be given either by mail, by a public notice in a local newspaper, by telephone or by posting such notice on our website (www.hanergy.nz). This notice requirement does not apply to routine interruptions of supply in accordance with your Pricing Plan.

7.0         Except to the extent required by statute, we will not be liable to you for loss or damage in connection with any interruption or reduction in the supply of gas into the gas network, or the quality of that gas, except to the extent (if any) that we are liable under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 to compensate you for such loss or damage.

8.0         Interpretation, in this Agreement except where the context otherwise requires:

  • ‘Agreement’ means these standard terms and conditions, your Pricing Plan, our Dispute Resolution Process, any Special Terms and (where relevant) the Distributed Generation Terms and Conditions.
  • ‘Business Day’ means a day, other than a Saturday or Sunday, on which New Zealand registered banks are open for business in Auckland.
  • ‘Business Hours’ means 8.30am to 5.30pm on a Business Day.
  • ‘Connection Point’ means the point at which the Property connects to a circuit breaker, switch, fuse or other isolating devices on the Lines Company’s network and/or the point at which the gas pipes on the Property connect to the outlet pipe of the gas meter.
  • ‘Customer’ means a person who has applied to have Energy supplied by us and whose application we have accepted or who has otherwise become a person to whom we supply Energy and associated services pursuant to this Agreement.
  • ‘Equipment’ means any meter, telemetry equipment and other equipment used to measure or record energy usage, to transmit or convey energy usage data, or to supply energy to your Connection Point or any associated equipment (including, without limitation, pipes, switches, fuses, transformers, wiring, meter boards and pre-payment meters or devices).
  • ‘Network Operator’ means the company or organization that owns and operates your local natural gas pipeline network.
  • ‘Pricing Plan’ means our rates, fees, and charges (excluding any pre-payment arrangement) in accordance with the applicable pricing schedule (and Special Terms (if any)) which we determine you are eligible for and is most appropriate for you based on your electricity and/or gas usage and metering installation.
  • ‘Property’ means the land and buildings to which we agree with the Customer to supply Energy.