Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Effective from 10 December 2018

Website privacy and security policy

Hanergy maintains high standards for the protection of data to ensure that customer information remains private and is only used for the purpose it was collected in accordance with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. We’ll keep your personal information secure and it’ll be held by us in our customer database and as set out in our energy supply agreement.

As required by the Privacy Act 1993, Hanergy follows strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of your personal information. Our security procedures means that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we are able to disclose sensitive information to you.

This policy is regularly reviewed and if necessary updated to meet requirements for internet privacy.

Information Collection

Personal information collected from you to ensure we can supply energy to you. And during using our website or when you talk to our contact center representative. When you sign up to become a Hanergy customer, we will collect you and your property information for related purposes. We may collect, your name, date of birth, address, contact details, and electricity consumption data, etc, without limitations.

Hanergy may collect information directly from you, or through our agents such as telemarketers, or from third parties who are involved in your electricity supply (such as your lines company, meter equipment owners and meter readers). Hanergy may collect information in a variety of ways e.g. through promotions, surveys, emails, live chats, filling out the ‘contact us’ forms on our websites, posts on our social media sites, or feedback given through our website or facebook.

Where applicable, we may also collect personal information from you in relation to assisting us with carrying out our responsibilities under the Electricity Authority’s Guideline on Arrangements to Assist Vulnerable Consumers and the Guideline on Arrangements to Assist Medically Dependent Consumers. If you choose not to provide us with the information we request, then we may not be able to provide you with access to certain information or services.

Purpose of collection

Hanergy will use your personal and property information only for the related purposes:

Hanergy customers:

  • Confirm your identification for new Hanergy account to supplying electricity, gas and associated services as you request, including billing and meter reading.

We obtain information about your electricity usage from your meter via meter readers, or smart meter recording. Then generated a bill to you as purpose to use your information.

  • Communicating with you via email or text, mostly we will using email:
    • To updates regular monthly bill
    • To provide the latest promotion and offers, If you ask to be removed from our newsletter, or information mailing list, we will do this.
  • Inviting you to participate in our survey to help us to improve our services
  • Carry out credit check of your creditworthiness
  • For our general business purposes, e.g. aggregating customer consumption information to track trends, analyzing usage and planning our future marketing strategy.

Visitors and others:

  • Responding to customer requests for information;
  • Providing you with information about Hanergy goods and services that we

Disclosure information

Hanergy will not sell, lend, trade your personal information to any other person or organisation outside of Hanergy unless we’re legally required to :

  • We obtained authority from you to do so;
  • Required or permitted to do so by law or industry codes and standards;
  • Keep you informed about our updating products or services;
  • Carry out a credit check to consider your creditworthiness. The credit agency may disclose any information you provide to others using their services. You can ask the credit agency for a copy of the information they hold about you;
  • Collect debts, to recover money from you when you have not paid us, or if we want to list any payment defaults with a credit agency;
  • Share your credit information with other energy supply companies, either directly, indirectly or through credit agencies, for the purpose of those companies carrying out credit reference checks in relation to the supply of energy or related services to you;
  • Such disclosure is required to protect the safety of employees, visitors, customers, or property;

Access and correct personal information

Hanergy customer could request access to, or correction of any personal information held by Hanergy in any time by email us to or calling 09 4156266. To ensure your information we hold is accurate and up to date, please inform us of any changes of your information as soon as possible.

Security policy

Hanergy will always ensure that your privacy is protected when logging onto our website or when using online ‘My Account’ service.

When customer registered our online account services, we will send email confirmation to notify you the online account is activated, you can view your account information online, or update personal information anytime.

It is your responsibility to keep your login details (user name, password, and email address) safe to access your Hanergy online account.

Hanergy website has layers of security to protect it against malicious activity, possible breaches of the system (‘cracking’) and unauthorized access to customer data. 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption is used for all traffic interactions with the My Account service. Browsers unable to support SSL will not allow a customer to login to the website ‘My Account’ service. SSL technology we use is currently the industry standard.

Security technology updates rapidly so we evaluate our security systems and processes regularly to make provide the highest level of protection for our customer.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.